• Utah State University

Status: Complete

Utah State University
Conley Hansen
Professor - Nutrition & Food Sciences Faculty
8700 Old Main Hill, NFS 246
Logan, Utah, 84322-8700
Phone: (435) 797-2188
Fax: (435) 797-2379
FINAL REPORT: Wade Dairy USU Final Report

Farm description/project location:
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • The system consists of an induced blanket reactor (IBR), which is a type of anaerobic digester converting organic carbon in the manure to methane and carbon dioxide.
  • The (IBR) is followed by an electro-coagulation unit to concentrate nutrients from the effluent of the IBR. The anaerobic digestion system allows the electro-coagulation process to perform more efficiently.
  • Effluent from the electro-coagulation unit will be combined with sludge from the IBR producing a valuable liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner.
  • Treated water from the system is nearly odorless and contains less than 25% of the nutrients in the original waste stream.
  • Biogas will be produced from this system and utilized to offset the electrical usage.