• Super Soil Systems USA, Inc.

Status: Complete

Goshen Ridge Farms, LLC.
905 Coharie Drive
Clinton, N.C. 28328
Phone: (352) 796-0030
FINAL REPORT: Solids Removal System for Reducing Environmental Impact of Swine Production: Super Soil Systems USA, Inc.

Farm description/project location:
The farm is located in Duplin County on 107 acres. It contains 6 production houses with each house containing 4360 animals. The pilot project will treat 1 house.
Technology provider:
Mr. Lewis M. Fetterman, Sr. and C. Ray Campbell, PhD Super Soils Systems USA, Inc.
484 Hickory Grove Road
Clinton, North Carolina 28328
Ph. (910) 564-5545
Fax: (910) 592-5599
Solids Removal System to Reduce Environmental Impact of Swine Production Process:
  • Solids separation system and the use of polymers to enhance dewatering.
  • Anaerobic and aerobic activity to clean water.
  • Solids removed offsite for composting and marketing as value added product.
  • Process is modular design and can be farm fixed or mounted as a mobile unit.
  • Also has applicability for the cleanup of abandoned lagoons.
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