• Royal Consulting Services, Inc.

Status: Complete

Bob Butler, Farm Owner
Butler Oaks Farm, Inc.
172 Shady Oaks Lane
Lorida, FL 33857
(863) 763-4389
FINAL REPORT: Butler Oaks Farm Final Report - Royal Consulting Services, Inc.

Farm description/project location:
Butler Oaks Farm, having approximately 1000 dairy cows is located in the Okeechobee watershed. Two free stall barns have been constructed to withstand hurricane force winds.
Technology provider:
Royal Consulting Services, Inc.
Brian Roy, Project Manger
211 W. Warren Ave.
Longwood, FL 32750
Ph. (407) 831-3095
Fax (407) 831-5095
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • Sand separation system for flush manure.
  • Sand and water are reclaimed in this system.
  • Vat Separator - decanted for solid removal.
  • Chemical injection with ferric sulphate.
  • Hopper - screw press loader.
  • In-vessel composting unit with a three day turn-around cycle.
  • Value-added compost project will be collected and marketed by South Dade Water and Soil Conservation District.
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