• Renewable Oil International, LLC.

Status: Complete
Mills Poultry Farm
Daniel Mills, Farm Owner
5844 Highway 63
Russellville, AL 35654
Ph. (256) 331-0471
FINAL REPORT: “Demonstrating BioOil Technology for Poultry Litter Nutrient Management”: ROI Alabama Operations LLC, A subsidiary of Renewable Oil International LLC
Farm description/project location:
The poultry farm contains 12 40'x500' houses holding 22,000 birds each and is located in Franklin County which is approximately 55 miles west of Huntsville. The pilot project will treat 3 houses.
Technology provider:
Philip C. Badger, President & Chief Manager
Renewable Oil International, L.L.C.
3115 Northington Court
Florence, AL 35630
Ph: (256) 740-5634
Fax: (256) 740-5635
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • Mobile processing plant to burn poultry litter.
  • Poultry litter would be removed and burned from houses.
  • Process produces nutrient rich ash and vapor that is converted to bio-oil.
  • Bio-oil and ash would both be marketable products.
  • Bio-oil is a low-grade fuel for furnaces or heaters to warm poultry houses.