• Phase 3 Developments & Investments, LLC.

Status: Complete

Geerlings Hillside Farm
Overisel, Michigan
FINAL REPORT: Phase 3 Developments

Farm description/project location:
This project utilizes mixed animal waste from both swine and dairy. A series of waste treatment technologies (i.e. screw press and dissolved air flotation) have been integrated with an anaerobic digester to provide a complete system. Ultimately producing electrical power may be incorporated at a later date. The pelletization and transport of nutrients off site to organic fruit farms and other potential end users also takes place.
Technology provider:
Phase 3 Developments & Investments, LLC.
Norma McDonald
7155 Five Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Phone: (513) 265-2758
Fax: (513) 233-3395
Video report:
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