• Mountain Organic Materials, LLC.

Status: Complete

Randy S. Johnson
850 Mathis Mill Rd.
Roaring River, NC 28669


James David Parsons
216 South Oak Grove Ext.
Millers Creek, NC 28651
Phone: (336) 838-8879
FINAL REPORT: Mountain Organic Materials

Farm description/project location:
The Johnson and Parsons poultry farms are located in Wilkes county approx. 50 miles west of Winston-Salem.
Technology provider:
Craig S. Coker, Vice President
Mountain Organic Materials, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 2440
Candler. North Carolina, 28715
Phone: (828) 665-9899
Fax: (828) 665-8165
Demonstration of Poultry Manure and Mortality Forced Aeration Composting Bin Systems Process:
  • Portable on-farm forced aeration composting system.
  • Handles both poultry litter and mortalities.
  • Developed marketable compost products.
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