• Microganics, LLC / RMG Stategies, Ltd.

Status: Complete

Jacobs Brothers Ranch, Inc.
Jerry Jacobs, Farm Owner
204 Centennial Street
Carmine, Texas 78932
Ph.(979) 278-3111
FINAL REPORT: Revised Microganics - Jacobs Brothers

Farm description/project location:
The poultry farm contains approx. 288,000 birds contained in 6 different houses and is located 70 miles east southeast of Austin, TX within Fayette county. The pilot project will treat 3 houses.
Technology provider:
Microganics, LLC
Lisa Dehaas, Project Manager
535 S. Nolen Dr. Suite 100
Southlake, TX 76092
Phone: (817) 552-2610
Fax: (817) 552-2618

RMG Strategies, Ltd
Robert Gray
805 D West Padonia Road
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
Ph. (443) 838-4420
Fax (410) 252-9715
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • The use of "Bio-Regen Animal" product contains "Carboxx" and Bacillus microbes which is a natural, supersaturated, highly soluble, high reactivity humic acid (HRHA).
  • The ultra-pure formula provides an unprecedented capacity to capture and absorb a wide array of impurities found in soil or wastewater.
  • This process will provide a 75% nutrient reduction in the waste water column, concentrating nutrients in the sludge layer while decreasing odor.
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