• Global Resource Recovery Organization

Status: Complete

Burt Farm & Livestock
Allen Burt
2747 170th Street
Marshalltown, IA 50158
Phone: 641-753-1264
FINAL REPORT: Pork Nutrient Reduction Project, Marshalltown, Iowa: Global Resource Recovery Organization (GRRO)

Farm description/project location:
The hog farm contains 4 barns each capable of holding 1000 finishing hogs. The pilot project will treat 2 of the barns. The swine farm is located in Marshall county approx. 70 miles northeast of Des Moines.
Technology provider:
Loran Balvanz, Chairman & CEO
Global Resource Recovery Organization
Headquarters: 9020 58th Drive East, Suite 101
Bradenton, Fl. 34202
Ph. (941) 552-5672
Fax: (941) 752-9902
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • System uses a highly efficient scraper system and capitalizes on low water consumption.
  • Pre-Separation Cyclone (liquid removal).
  • Cyclonic drying system (GRRO's Tempest dryer).
  • Value added products can include slow release fertilizer and/or gasification for the production of energy.
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