• BioProcess Technologies

Status: Complete
Dairy project
Whitcomb Farm
Brownsville, Vermont
FINAL REPORT: Pilot Project Program North Williston Cattle Company

Farm description/project location:
The Whitcomb Farm has a 250 cow milking herd in Williston, Vermont, located on the banks of Winooski River a tributary of Lake Champlain. Much of the farm land in the Champlain Valley is saturated with phosphorus with the application of manure. The current demonstration is a joint effort of the Vermont NRCS, the Lake Champlain Basin Program, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, EPA, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, and the Poultney/Mettowee Conservation District. The proposed project requires a strategic site selection.
Technology provider:
BioProcess Technologies
Tim Burns, President
207 High Point Dr.
Portsmouth, RI 02871
Phone: (401) 683-5400
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • Biological treatment towers contain patented Looped Cord Media. The system digests solids and then treats the effluent, continuously.
  • Biofilter units remove N,P,& K from the liquid exiting the digester, which can be spray irrigated.
  • Existing digester generates methane gas for use on the farm either as heat or electricity.