• Applied Chemical Magnesias - Texas LLC.

Status: Complete

Bella Holstien, Inc.
Gary Hendrickson, Owner and President
13278 Weld City Rd 32
Platteville CO 80651
Phone: (970) 785-2415
Fax: (970) 785-2415
FINAL REPORT: Applied Chemical Magnesias Corporation (ACM)

Farm description/project location:
The Dairy farm has approximately 2,000 milking cows along with 1900 Heifers. The farm is located in Weld County near the intersection of Colo HWY 66 and US HWY 85, approximately 15 miles south of Greenley, Colorado.
Technology provider:
Applied Chemical Magnesias-Texas, L.L.C.
Robert McCreless, CEO
599 W. 66th St.
Loveland, CO, 80538
Phone: (970) 203-0005
Fax: (970) 203-1090
Nutrient Reduction Process:
  • Easily-assembled recovery system that utilizes the reaction capabilities of inexpensive, milled brucitic marble to extract between 75% - 90% of most nutrients within the waste stream.
  • Uses a magnesium source to react with Nitrogen & Phosphorous to form a crystal precipitate.
  • Uses mechanical cellulose separator, a series of reaction tanks (sized for the anticipated flow) with simple mechanical (paddle) agitation, and a hydro-cyclone separator and drying screen for the recovery of the precipitate.
  • Precipitated crystals and liquid are sent to the drying screen; crystals are separated from the liquid then stored for various farmers to use as a slow release fertilizer. The remaining liquid flows to a lagoon for solids settling.