• Air Diffusion System / Meridian Aquatic Technology, LLC.

Status: Complete

Cavanaugh Farm No. 1
Clayton West
421 Rattlesnake Lane
Wallace, N.C. 28466
FINAL REPORT: ADS - MAT - Advanced Microbial Treatment System

Farm description/project location:
The swine farm is located in Wilkes county approx. 100 miles southeast of Raleigh. The farm has 6 barns containing 900 hogs each feeding 2 open pit lagoons. One lagoon fed by 3 barns was retrofitted for treatment while the other lagoon was used as a control.
Technology provider:
John N. Hinde
Air Diffusion Systems
3964 Grove Avenue
Gurnee, Il. 60031
Ph. 847-782-0044
Fax: 847-782-0055

Sterling C. Scott
Meridian Aquatic Technology, L.L.C.
4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 205
Calverton, MD 20705
Phone: 301-937-1240
Fax: 301-595-9361
Advanced Microbial Treatment System (AMTS) at Cavanaugh Farm No. 1 Process:
  • In-vessel composting technology, raw chicken manure and mortality carcasses, along with a carbon source (wood chips), turn into a stable, organic fertilizer.
  • Bio-filter acts as scrubbing mechanism, filtering out noxious odors associated with composting process. Leachate is collected in tanks and is re-used during the process.
  • Project involves in taking the raw mixture to a stable, organic fertilizer that will compete with synthetic fertilizers.